Woodland Headdress Heaven


My mom and I just hosted a very wintery and whimsical baby shower for my sister, Jessica (the must-see details of which are coming soon). We tried to keep the theme a secret for added surprise…then she kept buying stuff that we were getting for the shower. We needed her to stop doing that haha, but at least we were on the right track for something she was going to love.

Her: “Oh, I bought this geode votive at T.J. Maxx and just loved it! Also, I’m super in to the look of antlers and woodland stuff and woodland creatures and butterflies and hot chocolate.” *unknowingly describes everything that we are doing* Those may or may  not be the exact words she used, but something totally like that.

Me: *shaking trying not to reveal EVERYTHING* “cooooool.”

Anyone that knows me is aware that I can’t always control my facial expressions. You can definitely read me like a book, especially when it comes to things I am excited about. So, naturally, eventually she found out the general theme. She suddenly lit up for a moment! Remember the Sister’s Tea Party invitation I made? (If not, check it out here) She suddenly became excited and exclaimed that she wanted to wear the elaborate headband I made for her. Well, that totally made my day!


She rocked it, and looked stunning in her nearly floor length taupe tulle skirt, lace top and oh-so-wintery and freakishly soft faux fur coat.  Seriously, my hugs with her last a little longer when she’s wearing that coat.

She’s so pretty. 🙂



Jess has a history of doing this. She’s doing exactly this in one of my favorite photos from my wedding. The photographer wanted a picture of our shoes. Jess wanted to make sure she could see them haha.



This one’s my fav.








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