Self Portrait

Self Portrait. Oil on wood panel.

This was the first painting I ever sold. I remember feeling proud and so happy that someone would want a painting of mine, let alone a painting of my face. There was another feeling, though, that went along with it. It’s hard to describe, but maybe it felt like a piece of me was leaving with it. I know it might sound corny. Maybe since it was my first, it was hard to let go, but after talking to the lovely young woman to purchased it, I felt like it was going to a good home. And that feeling…that feeling is so incredibly wonderful.


Boobs. Oil on wood panel.

“Boobs” has always gotten a lot of fun attention. Many have appreciated the colors and the form, but I still have it. So I have these vintage drawer pulls that look quite like burlesque tassels. I was thinking of adding those to this painting to create a mixed media playful piece. What do you think? 🙂

Red Belt, White Dress

Red Belt, White Dress. Oil on wood panel.



Coyly. Oil on wood panel.

These four painting were actually displayed together vertically creating a fragmented figure as part of an installation piece. “Coyly” is still available for purchase.

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