Photo by the wonderful Kate Spitz Photography

I am an artist and newbie to sharing and blogging, but if you like art, all things vintage, tea time, fashion and wedding details, pin ups and dinner parties I think you might like it here.


This site originally started as a way to share my art with people. Despite being a twenty-something, I’m a bit technologically challenged and struggled to understand how all this website stuff works. So much has happened in my life, however, that I am so inspired and ready to share some of these past experiences such as art events, my sister’s and my wedding, and new experiences as I discover them as a new travelling military spouse.

If I can inspire just a few people to paint a picture, try a dinner party or new recipe, travel and share their experiences, I’d be over the moon.

Creating art is an escape from reality. I am interested in the sensuality and symbolism of costumes and disguises. The images of corsets play with sexuality and feminine identity.

Stemming from a theme running through many Dutch paintings of domestic women, some of my work plays with the idea that a birdcage could symbolize a woman’s sexuality. Whether the bird was flying about the room or securely locked in its cage suggested the promiscuity or the virtuousness of the domestic female respectively.

Inspired by optical toys, such as the stereoscope, thaumatrope, and kaleidescope, much of my work is interactive. I want my work to flirt with the viewer.





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