My New Art Space

I’ve finally finished putting together my studio space in the new house. What was the formal dining room is now a bright space that I love to spend time in. Which is a very good and important thing if I plan on getting anything done šŸ™‚


So this is the room previously. Super cute…but very red. If this was going to be my creative work space, the wall color definitely needed to change. I wanted something neutral that would make the space lighter, feel more open, and wouldn’t reflect onto my paintings.


I’m madly in love with the picture wall, and I’ve still got a little room for more additions!Ā This wall depicts a meaningful collection of art from dear friends, some of my own art including a painting that’s a work in progress, a photo of a historical painting taken under a microscope, vintage botanical prints, and a coupleĀ store-bought pictures that have inspired me throughout my life.


A long time ago, my mom got my sister and I each a 1900s steamer trunk. We used them and played with them when we were little, but they’ve been tucked away for many years. I am SO excited to have this back in my life and to be able to use it in a really functional way. The glass top to the yellow desk will be perfect for my oil painting and will serve as my palette


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