Birthday Scones

For my husband’s birthday, I decided to try my hand at making scones. He loves them, but I always tease him about it. I just have not met a scone I liked. I found a recipe, though, on Pinterest that piqued my interest. Blackberry lime scones with a lime glaze. Ah, yes, I think that’ll do. They were indeed easy to make and delicious, even for a scone hater like me.

I never know what to get him, so I decided to bake and do a special little presentation with some of the things I’ve collected over the years and some new things from the wedding.


We had lemonade and a champagne toast đŸ™‚ We toasted with these vintage champagne glasses at our wedding, and it was fun to use them again. The confetti and “CHEERS!” napkins were also left over from the wedding, but thought it would add a festive touch. I wanted to have flowers, too but we don’t have a vase for bouquets, so was excited to use a vintage pitcher I have and it worked great! And I finally got to use the candle holders I found at an antique store last year.

IMG_2515FullSizeRender (4)IMG_2520IMG_2555IMG_2567

This vase with the single rose is one that I painted recently for Valentine’s Day. I found this ceramic milk jug at the store. It was not glazed and a clean blank slate. I got the idea that I could watercolor flowers from our wedding around the base. It was a bit challenging painting on a three dimensional object, but it was a fun project. Now we have this little bud vase to bring out for occasions or to have out and tuck little blooms in every so often.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Scones

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  2. I My Gosh Mallory…everything looks amazing and soooo delicious !!!!! I bet if feels good to be able to use all your fabulous finds and gifts of treasures over the years !!! xoxo

  3. Love this! The flowers you painted are perf! I am leaning more and more into handmade gifts and experiences rather than things – and this totally aligns! A couple of questions…

    1. What did husband think?
    2. Is the scone-hater in you reconsidering your stance based on this recipe?

    • Thanks! That’s true, I’m so looking forward to seeing more of your handmade crafts and gifts!

      1. He totally loved the scones and the set up, too! He’s kind of hard to read sometimes, but he took a bite and raised his eyebrows and quietly and sweetly mumbled, “oh, these are really good.” And kept nodding silently, confirming that he in fact, really likes them haha

      2. Omg! The scone-hater is turning into a scone-lover. This recipe was easy and yielded 8 large scones, and has totally turned me into a convert. They had a little crunch on the outside, but were still fluffy on the inside. Enough to share and last a few days, but not enough to tempt me to binge on them all day đŸ™‚ Now I want to make ALL THE SCONES.

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