Vintage Finds and New Purposes



I love all things vintage. Always have, even as a kid. My mom is the reason, and her and I have had many wonderful antiquing adventures. With her guidance, I have collected many special and interesting things over the years.

We’re getting settled in our new house in a new town. We’ve transformed the formal dining room into my art space, and I’m so excited to start using and putting out my vintage finds around the house.

I have this particular set of drinking glasses I found a few years ago. These are no ordinary glasses, however, as they are quite scandalous and funny and I love them. I still have never seen anything like them since. I have decided to give these glasses a new purpose and they now hold my pencils, pens, and paint brushes.

As you can see, the outside of the glass has a cute vintage picture…but turn the glass around and you find a…different view of the lady. 🙂

Have you transformed the use of something old into something new and funcional?

Update: I told my mom that I was going to use my set of glasses as a holder for pencils and pens and whatnot and she liked the idea so much that she did the same with a set of glasses she has, but she is using it for straws and silverware. What a great way to display her paper straws and summertime silverware. It will be great for hosting cookouts! Here is the picture she just texted me 🙂 So if you have a vintage set of glasses with their holder, you can use them as holders for writing and eating utensils. Have fun with it!



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